Saturday, June 11, 2011

Who's Agenda Is This Anyway?

I am sure most of you that have been following along with the upheaval in WI have noticed that other States with newly elected tea party Governors are all passing identical Bills, which include massive tax breaks to corporations, massive cuts to health care and education, abolishing collective bargaining, attacking planned parenthood, relaxing child labor laws, deregulating the DNR and privatizing anything and everything. This is the short list, almost on a daily basis we are learning more about this agenda and how damaging it is, not only to WI, but other States as well. So, who's behind this well thought out plan? The heritage foundation and alec have been mentioned in the past, but this seems bigger than that and I question how the people behind this gained that much power to decide the fate of an entire country. Who gave them the authority to decide that those in need should go without and those that don't need, get more? Really when and where does this end? This is so sad, people have lost control of their lives and no matter how hard they try to fight this onslaught on human rights, it's having very little impact on the newly elected and empowered republicans. While it's true that some well established republicans are not completely enamored with this agenda, they seem to be in the minority within their party. In some ins tenses they have had the fortitude to change Walkers Budget, but in others, they have followed party lines. I still can't believe that this is what Walker campaigned on and people voted for this, knowing he was going to devastate so many vital and necessary programs, programs that help people lead healthy, happy lives.To me, it seems as if the demands of a few out weigh the needs of the many.

I am so proud of my fellow Wisconsinites, they have proven to be an amazing group of people that have gained the respect of many States. I watched a youtube clip from a kid that came from Louisiana back in Feb, he mentioned how he didn't know what to expect but quickly felt welcomed and how demonstrators shared food, gloves and blankets. He said the people of WI deserve better than this. He was so inspired by what he saw that he plans on moving here as soon as possible to help fight the Walker agenda. Wisconsin is an incredible State and we have much to be proud of, you will find that there are many great minds and hearts here. As I said before, it's very sad that the things that make us a great State are under attack, I know for a fact that based on what I have seen, WI will not allow the essence of who we are be destroyed by this destructive agenda.

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