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A Message From Save BadgerCare

Key Budget Floor Votes This Week! Contact Your Representatives Now:
Tell Them to Save BadgerCare!

June 10, 2011

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It's Time!  The Assembly is scheduled to take up the state budget on Tuesday with the Senate to likely follow later in the week.  We need you to weigh in once more to help Save BadgerCare!
The Joint Finance Committee (JFC) recently approved the following unprecedented policy changes which will be headed to the floor of both houses this week:
  • Gives the unelected head of the Department of Health Services, Dennis Smith, the tools to make far-reaching changes to Medicaid with very limited legislative oversight. 
  • Unspecified cuts of over $450 million to Medicaid that will likely be made possible through increased premiums, dropping coverage for thousands and taking away enrollment assistance.
  • Removal of men from the BadgerCare Family Planning Program which could potentially endanger the program in its entirety.
Governor Walker and JFC had a choice and they made the wrong one - they chose huge tax breaks for corporations while making huge cuts to vital programs for the health and economic security of its must vulnerable citizens.

To make sure our message to Save BadgerCare is heard loud and clear, we need everyone to send a message to their own State Representative & State Senator today encouraging them to:

Protect BadgerCare -
Don't Support a Budget That Undermines Our State's Medicaid Program!
  1. Don't support measures that gives unchecked Medicaid changing powers to an unelected official.
  2. Respect existing state statues and the constitution and do not allow an unelected DHS official to supercede traditional rule making process. 
  3. Reduce unspecified cuts by half.
  4. Cut true inefficiencies - not eligibility, benefits and affordability.
To send a message to all members of the Joint Finance Committee:
  1. Link here
  2. Find and Select Your State Representative and State Senator. 
  3. Select "Save BadgerCare - Protect Medicaid" as your "subject".
  4. Add your message / personal story and let them know why BadgerCare is important to you!
After you've sent a message, plan to watch the Assembly debate starting on Tuesday by tuning into Wisconsin Eye -

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Thank you!
Thank you for supporting BadgerCare and Medicaid.  Be sure to forward this email to others letting them know that MEDICAID MATTERS!  For more information and to join the Save BadgerCare Coalition, visit:

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