Friday, June 3, 2011

Good News!

Results From CT Scan 

Good News! The pockets of mucin have grown only a small amount since the last scan six months ago and not enough to affect any vital organs and intestines. I have my magnificent doctor to thank for these results, he was thorough during the first surgery, which means I will have more time before the next surgery. I will have another CT scan at the end of November with a follow up visit with the doctor in early December. If I experience any difficulties before then, we will meet to discuss surgery. I have to lose weight though, which will help when surgery is needed, he said the extra weight will cause additional complications, and I don't want that! So, I have to knuckle down and be serious about weight loss, plus I feel icky and disgusted carrying this extra weight around.

I am also excited that I was accepted at the Elkhart Lake Farmers Artisan Market. I'll have the opportunity to make some decent money this summer. I have to play by the Disability rules for self employment which is very complicated and confusing. I have to gather some information on how to count and report my income so I don't screw things up, I cannot afford to lose my benefits.

I have lots of work to do in order to be ready to sell next weekend, but I'll continue to post information as I receive it.

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