Thursday, May 21, 2015

Sara, today is the day to speak out for the health care access Wisconsin women need and deserve!
Out of the many issues and programs included in the Governor's state budget, one of the most concerning proposal is around changes to Wisconsin's BadgerCare program.

Currently more than 800,000 men, women, and children receive quality, affordable health care coverage through BadgerCare plans.  But the Governor's plan would make it harder for Wisconsin women without dependent children to afford and access the health care they need and deserve.
Governor Walker is proposing that Wisconsin women who make below $11,770 per year ($981 per month) be charged unaffordable monthly premiums for coverage, be required to perform a drug screenings assessment and would be limited to only 48 months on the program, If enacted, this proposal would likely cause many women to lose their health care coverage unable to afford the premium payments and would undermine the Governor's promise to prevent any coverage gaps in our state. 
Today, Wisconsin leaders are set to debate these changes and we need women's health advocates to speak out and let them know that Wisconsin deserves #ABetterBadgerCare!
Take a few moments to send a message to your elected representatives asking them to reject Governor Walker's proposed changes to BadgerCare and to expand Medicaid to ensure Wisconsin women and their families have access to the affordable and quality care they need and deserve. 
Make sure our leaders know we are watching and that we care deeply about ensuring Wisconsin women have access to affordable and quality care!

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