Thursday, May 5, 2016

Is Walker Capable of Honesty?

Sunday, January 17, 2016

A Year of Recovery

Last January I had my second surgery to remove the reoccurring tumors that grow in my abdomen, along with that recovery (which has been a long one) came a diagnosis of diabetes. Apparently abdominal surgery can trigger diabetes, I was predisposed for it but the surgery kicked into motion. Because of high blood sugar the massive incision took 4 months to close and just recently started to fade.

While in the hospital the doctor but me on insulin injections four times a day in order to get the numbers down and to assist in the healing process. I have since learned that high numbers can cause all sorts of complications, my biggest concern is how it affects the heart, since I need cardiovascular clearance in order to have surgery to remove the tumors, it's vital to get control over blood sugar levels. So now I'm waging war on another front and that's potential heart disease, if my heart can't handle surgery, that will be a death sentence too.

 For the past year I have been working with multiple doctors in order to keep everything under control. The surgeons monitor the tumors, a family doctors handles every day stuff and an endocrinologist helps manage diabetes. Since October, it's been one appointment after another as new growth has emerged, my morning numbers are still to high and my cholesterol level has increased. I still inject insulin four times a day in addition to taking metformin and a cholesterol pill.

The hardest part to deal with has been the diabetes. The numbers can fluctuate wildly with no rhyme or reason. The endocrinologist sent me to diabetes education classes, the first was with a dietitian, the second, a nurse and the next three are group sessions. While there I found a book in their library that has helped me greatly, it's by the American Diabetes Association: A Month of Meals A diabetic Meal Planner. I have been able to get my daytime numbers under control by using the planner for meals and snacks. To be honest, I've never eaten better and am feeling much better, plus I'm losing weight. I only wish I would have had this information a year ago and not have put my organs at risk during that time.

I highly recommend the above mentioned book if you have diabetes or a loved one with it. I found personally, I need to keep my carb count at 45-55 grams per meal and snacks at no higher than 22 grams. My daily routine is, test, inject, breakfast, take metformin, 2 hours after breakfast, a snack, 2 hours after snack, test, inject, lunch, 2 hours after lunch, snack, 2 hours after snack, test, inject, dinner, metformin, 2 hours after dinner, snack, bedtime test, inject, cholesterol pill. For me, eating something every two hours keeps my daytime number down in the 100- 120 range, before using the menu planner they would be in the 150-200+ range. I'm still struggling to get the overnight number under control, it's usually around 160, which is to high, the doctor put me back on lantus and I've been slowly increasing it every three days to get me to a better number.

I was glad to put 2015 behind me, it was a stress filled year not only due to health reasons but we also had to put our beloved dog to sleep, we were almost killed multiple times in near car accidents and our summer income took a hit as well as losing over half of our foodshare thanks to Gov Walker, which will be the subject of my next post.

Thank you for your time and stay healthy!