Friday, June 17, 2011

Budget Bill Will Be Signed

The devastating Budget Repair Bill and Budget Bill is on it's way to Walker and he promises to sign it quickly. From the comments I have read on, online local newspapers, people are thrilled about this. My response to that excitement is..... wait til this budget smacks you in the face! There is something in this budget for everyone including is ardent supporters. If I hear another republican talk about 'shared sacrifice' I am going to unleash all of the anger that has been building up since this began in Feb.

What frightens me the most about this budget is the unlimited control Smith now has over Medicaid. He has been granted total control over the health and well being of the entire state. That is to much power to give to a unelected official. Well, even if they have been elected, they are still doing what they want regardless of public opinion.

 Faulty Theory

The consequences of this budget will be felt for years to come. Many people will suffer needlessly so corporations and the top 2% can 'create jobs'. No one really believes that they will create jobs with all of the tax breaks and incentives they receive, they are sitting on that money. If I understand the theory, they get tax breaks, they create jobs and provide insurance, we get the income and insurance the jobs provide so we don't need medicare/medicaid and we support the economy by buying things. It seems to me that this is not a good return on our 'investment'! We definitely do not get quality jobs that provide stability and the benefits we need, besides they have not 'created' any jobs for the past decade. Republicans believe that the majority of us make bad decisions and that's why we need entitlements. WRONG! The majority has to deal with and endure their bad decisions and we are further punished for their beliefs and policies. I find it hard to believe that all republicans are independently wealthy and always make the right decision, that, not one of them ever needs assistance programs to survive. Are they really that much smarter than the rest of us?

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