Monday, October 24, 2011

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) released their plans to cut over $500 million from our state's Medicaid Program including BadgerCare - yet DHS Deputy Secretary Kitty Rhoades, said they were just "cutting ineffiencies"!  In response, I think we should take some new photo petitions with signs that read "I am an inefficiency!" Have fun with it and get creative but let's show Miss Rhoades what "inefficiencies" really look like!

Save BadgerCare Photo Petition Instructions

  1. Take a picture showing that you want to Save BadgerCare. You can print and use one of our signs (see attached), or you can get creative and make your own that explains why BadgerCare is important to you.
  2. Email your photo as an attachment to Make sure you include your name, city and zip code.
  3. We'll post your photo on our site and use it to show our elected leaders that their constituents support and want to protect BadgerCare and Medicaid when policy decisions are made in the next month.
  4. Forward along to friends, family, colleagues and neighbors.  We're aiming to collect at least 500 images by the end of October!
Be sure to check out some of our first photos by linking here and check back often to see our growing collection of Save BadgerCare supporters!

Thank you!

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