Monday, October 3, 2011

First Gathering Of The American Dream Movement

Dear friend,
Today starts the first national gathering of the American Dream Movement.
More than 1,000 of us are meeting in Washington, D.C., taking another critical step in the creation of this movement that can restore American democracy, and renew the American Dream.
And even if you can't join us in Washington, we've made sure that members of the American Dream Movement from all across the country can follow the Take Back the American Dream Summit online.
We're livestreaming the whole thing, starting this morning, here:
For a little taste of what's happening, check out this great video:
This summit couldn't come at a more critical moment. With the Occupy Wall Street protests spreading from New York City to dozens of cities around the country, it's clear that Americans are hungry for real, fundamental change. The young people who are camped out at Occupy Wall Street are demanding a government that's responsive to the 99%, not the 1% who can afford lobbyists. They are calling for an end to corporate influence of our democracy, and for a return to an economy that's more geared toward Main Street than Wall Street.
The occupation of Wall Street—and the occupations throughout the country—are expressions of the same spirit and dynamic as the Take Back the American Dream conference.
At the conference we'll be learning from each other, sharing inspiration, and building a powerful sense of solidarity across our movement.
I'll be speaking at the conference along with movement leaders including Robert Reich, Katrina vanden Heuvel, Richard Trumka, Mary Kay Henry, and Rep. Barney Frank. 
Also attending will be our scholarship winners. Rebuild the Dream teamed up with our friends at Democracy for America to provide scholarships to 30 amazing activists who might not otherwise be able to attend the conference. 
Join all of us by watching the livestream. It's also the spot where you will find our blog, tracking highlights and key moments throughout the conference:
Thank you for being a part of, and believing in, this movement.
–Van, Natalie, Billy, Jim, Ian, Somer, and the rest of the Rebuild the Dream team
P.S. Don't forget you can sign up automatically for Wednesday's Virtual Occupy Wall Street March by clicking here and we'll send you all the details.

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