Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Confused And Nervous

As I read the articles I am posting on the changes to medicaid, I am confused and nervous. I don't know how to decipher what I am reading. I wonder if I should schedule the surgery sooner than later? Do I hold off as long as I can, if I do, will my benefits change or be lost?

I absolutely hate the fact that I have to make these considerations! My life is no longer my own. Considering that my life depends on getting the health care I need when I need it, now I have to try and figure out Dennis Smith is doing. I need to focus on preparing for surgery physically and mentally, taking care of my son and trying to work within the financial guidelines of disability benefits is exhausting enough. When I become overly stressed about this, the tumor on my left ribcage burns, that's when I know it's time to de-stress and change my focus, and it's been burning like a mother lately!

When I feel good, I can accomplish quite a bit, lately I have been very tired and feeling dehydrated, which is an indicator of where I am physically. I really want to hold out til the next CT scan which is at the end of November and the follow up visit with the Specialist is early December. I am not a fan of Winter, and prefer to recuperate during January and February, the two coldest months of the season. But again, will that be possible due to the changes being made to medicaid? I hate this uncertainty!

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