Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Senator Leibham's Legislative Survey

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~ Reminder: Constituent Input Sessions Scheduled ~

I am pleased to announce that I will be hosting four constituent input sessions in Sheboygan, Plymouth, Manitowoc and Kiel. All residents of the area are encouraged to attend.
Saturday, October 15, 2011
9:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.
Manitowoc Public Library
707 Quay Street, Manitowoc
11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Sheboygan Municipal Courtroom
Located in the City of Sheboygan Police Department
1315 N 23rd Street. Sheboygan

Please note - State Representative Mike Endsley will also be attending the Sheboygan session.
Monday, October 17, 2011
4:30 - 6 p.m.
Kiel Public Library
511 Third Street, Kiel

6:30 - 8 p.m.
Plymouth Public Library
130 Division Street, Plymouth

The state legislature will be voting on numerous important proposals over the next couple of weeks.  As always, I value and seek input from the citizens I represent as I prepare to vote on these matters.  I am pleased to make myself available during weekend and evening hours and I look forward to receiving input and answering any questions that citizens may have on matters currently before the state legislature.

For each of the issues listed below, please indicate whether you Support, Oppose or are Undecided on the proposal in general.
1.  Creating a program to encourage the development of the bio-technology industry in Wisconsin? A proposed bill would create an authority to provide advice, services, grants, loans, and direct investment in Wisconsin bioscience businesses. This authority would be funded by allocating 95% of new payroll tax revenues generated from the growth of existing bioscience businesses.

2. Streamlining the approval process for the operation of an iron ore mine in Wisconsin? A proposed bill would maintain our environmental regulations while streamlining the permitting process by several years for these projects while maintaining opportunities for public input, testing and oversight. The proposal is driven by a mine operator who is proposing to open an iron ore (taconite) mine in northern Wisconsin that could lead to the creation of over 2500 jobs.

3. Allowing high schools the flexibility to grant vocational high school diplomas in addition to traditional high school diplomas? A proposed bill seeks to prepare students for the workforce and for technical college instruction by developing vocational programs in high schools that would grant such degrees.

4. Creating tax incentives for companies to hire unemployed workers? A proposed bill would allow a taxpayer to claim a tax credit equal to $5,000 for each unemployed state resident they hire, up to a maximum of $250,000.

5. Creating an authority in the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) to administer a Venture Capital Program? A proposed bill would create a board to evaluate and distribute approximately $300,000,000 in tax credits to bond holders to generate capital to invest in start-up companies in Wisconsin, who are also receiving financing through personal streams and angel investors. The intent is to create jobs by helping new companies grow and develop new technologies. The investment through venture capital also provides a cash return from successful companies.

6. Creating tax incentives for companies who sponsor health wellness programs for their employees? A proposed bill would give tax credits to businesses who offer such workplace wellness programs.

7. Allowing the Public Service Commission to approve temporarily reduced electricity rates for economic development and job creating efforts?

8. Allowing class "A" retailers (grocery and convenient Stores) the ability to sell beer between the hours of 6am and 12am and intoxicated liquor between the hours of 6am and 9pm unless a municipality establishes more restrictive hours.

9. Amending our state constitution to provide that the people have the right to enter into private contracts with health care providers for health care services and to purchase private health care coverage, and prohibit enactment of any law that requires any person to obtain or maintain health insurance coverage or to participate in any health care system or plan.

10. Encourage hunting and fishing- a Sporting Heritage- in Wisconsin? A proposed bill would offer free hunting and trapping licenses to first time users, create adult hunter and trapper courses, give high school credit for completion of a DNR safety program, and create a number of other initiatives to encourage hunting, trapping, and fishing.

11. Granting police and sheriff officers the same ability currently extended to probation and parole officers to search and seize the property of convicted individuals on probation or parole?

12. Exempting individuals who are 65 years or older from the new voter photo ID requirement?

13. Limiting unemployment compensation to 26 weeks?

14. Requiring drug-testing for public benefit programs such as FoodShare, Badgercare, Medicare, etc.?

15. Requiring people who participate in public benefit programs such as FoodShare, Badgercare, Medicare, etc. to be citizens of the United States or have legal status?

16. Prohibiting the sale or use of aborted fetal body parts for experimentation or other purposes.

17. Do you support a health study for the impact of wind turbines on human and animal health? A proposed bill would require the Department of Health Services (DHS) to complete such a study before any more large wind turbines can be built in Wisconsin.

18. Re-establish community citizen involvement in the development of sex education curriculum for public school districts? Legislation approved by former Governor Jim Doyle eliminated community involvement and mandated a Madison developed curriculum.

19. Amending our state constitution to increase the number of signatures required for a recall petition from 25% of those who voted in the last gubernatorial election to 50%?

20. Amending our state constitution to restrict the recall process to officials that have participated in criminal activity or malfeasance of office?

For more information on each proposal, I encourage you to access the Wisconsin Legislature’s electronic bill notification service to track this bill in the Legislature. This free service provides individuals with immediate electronic updates on specific legislative proposals. You can access this service and track the progress of a bill by clicking on the following link: http://notify.legis.state.wi.us.
Please visit my website: www.leibhamsenate.com over the next few days and I will add a full listing of the bill numbers for each of the proposals included in the survey.
I encourage you to forward this to your friends and family in the 9th Senate District, as well.
Please know that I have not yet developed a final position on most of these issues so your input will be helpful as I work to become more educated and prepare to cast votes that reflect the views of the majority of the citizens of the 9th District.

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