Tuesday, May 24, 2011

We Are Screwed!

Watching the JFC and they are pushing the Walker Admin. agenda with no hesitation or reservation. The Democrats are passionately fighting for us and they are being voted  down on the items discussed so far. Have not gotten to M.S yet. I'll keep posting as it goes along or follow along at: http://www.wiseye.com/Home/AirVideoStream.aspx.

Update 8:00 p.m

This was horrible! To watch the Democrats be ignored and set up for 'gotcha' moments, which were debunked and the rude name calling by Kleefisch was out of line and unprofessional. I was happy to hear Jauch, Taylor, Schilling, Grigsby ask purposeful questions and ask for clarification from the fiscal bureau, they were able to smack down a pompous question from Alberta Darling. I loved it! It's now on record that Walker wanted to give Dennis Smith unbridled authority to make changes without public or legislative input.

Kleefisch was severely offended that it was implied that he didn't care about the disabled. He bragged about a plaque on his wall that he received for participating in an event for the disabled, he is the biggest hypocrite of all. I zeroed in him during this hearing because of his body language, at one point he was slumped in his chair with his arms hanging down, looking bored and rolling his eyes. The only time he perked up was to make snide and rude comments. Grotham was another one that annoyed me, you might remember him as the one that called the protesters 'slobs'.

At the end of this hearing something interesting happened, when the Democrats asked for two provisions to be removed from the amendment, the Republicans quickly shut down the conversation and took a vote. Schillings response to the Republicans was 'rules don't matter'. Apparently this is how they handle things now, end the conversation when things don't go their way. They also chimed in with the usual buzz words and aspects of the budget that they feel they own, such as workers rights, the new voting law, medicaid and budget cuts to schools. There was also a phrase they used over and over, it was: 'we need to take a pause'. To me, to take a pause, will mean people will die. There are 9,000 people on a waiting list and the only thing the Republicans had to offer was a 400 crisis slots that the H.S would some cases decide you gets the slots. There is so much to go over, but I'll wait until I get clarification.

I don't think they covered all of the provisions in this hearing, I'll post the summary from the advocacy groups when I get it. Some of the conversation was over my head, I was able understood quite a bit of it though. This is very sad and I highly recommend you watch some of the coverage, you need to see for yourself what's going on. I'll keep you posted as I receive more information. All I can say is.... people you need to follow along on this issue, they will destroy medicaid if they are allowed. Really... you need to watch at least part of this hearing on Wisconsin eye.

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