Monday, May 16, 2011

Positive Heath Care News

Immediate Benefits Of The Affordable Care Act 

This is an article from last year that summarizes the early benefits from health care reform. I can see why big interest fought against it and continues to do so. Certain aspects of it makes them accountable to the people and exposes corruption and greed, things that they have been able to hide from the public in order to amass huge profits. The ACA is not perfect, even the President said so, but health care reform had to start somewhere and I feel this was an excellent start.

Vermont Leads By Example 

At a meeting with the Governors earlier this year President Obama challenged the States to come up with a better health care system, Virgina accepted that challenge and this was their solution.

I applaud the State of Vermont, they have accomplished an amazing thing for it's people, my hope is that it will prove to be effective, life saving and become the example for the rest of the country.

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