Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Waiting For Results

I had a CT scan last Wednesday and normally the Doctor calls the next day with the results, my follow up appointment is Friday, so it's either good news or it's news he needs to tell me face to face. I'll be honest, I'm worried. I have been feeling queasy since April and I'm easily fatigued and winded. These are the beginning signs that the disease it is progressing. It's been 1 1/2 years since the first surgery, so I'm close to needing surgery again. I have mixed feelings about this, if surgery is needed sooner than later, it might be a good thing, if it happens later, the new rules that Dennis Smith will put into place may end up denying or limiting me the care I need. I'd prefer to hold off for as long as possible, I think it's terrible that I should even have to make these considerations.

So I'm not only waiting for the Doctors results, I'm waiting for the results that will take place from Dennis Smith's newly granted authority to make changes to medicaid without being responsible to the people of Wisconsin. Instead of focusing on my health and well being, I have waste time following what Walker and Smith are doing to Medicaid. I'm sure the 'unspecified changes to medicaid' will become quickly apparent once the budget finance committee has completed it's work and it moves through the Senate and on for Walker to sign.

Today, I am going to go outside and enjoy the sunshine and warm weather before the storms roll in and take my mind off of this for awhile. I'll post later this week what my results are, here's hoping I have more time to accomplish some of the more important things I need to do before the next surgery.

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