Saturday, May 21, 2011

Brilliant Strategy

Make Them Defend Their Political Christian Stand 

I think it is a brilliant strategy to make the religious politicians defend their christian beliefs by calling them out and making them defend their stand on social issues. I know it's nothing new, but now more than ever they are using their faith to push through their political agendas. Reporters need to ask them to explain how they justify these harsh measures as christian values, such as denying women and men health care at planned parenthood, slashing funding for medicaid/medicare, removing children from medicare, eliminating funding for mental health. 81 Catholic Academics sent a letter to Boehner criticizing him for not adhering to his Catholic faith, it was an amazing article and more of this needs to be done.

This week we saw a group of twenty organizations call out Walker for an immoral budget and presented an alternative that spreads the burden to all not just the weak and defenseless. Walker and the like need to tell the truth as to why they are doing this, if they don't, they are lying, which all know is a sin.

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