Friday, March 14, 2014

Next Marketplace Open Enrollment Period Set: November 15, 2014 - February 15, 2015

HIRSP Breaking News:
The Feds announced this afternoon that about 21,000 individuals enrolled in the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan, which was set to expire March 31, now have until April 15 to enroll in new coverage that starts May 1. In Wisconsin, this impacts HIRSP Federal Plan enrollees. The administration said it wanted to avoid any possible lapse in coverage for these patients, which includes many people receiving treatment for diseases such as cancer and diabetes. This marks the third extension of the Affordable Care Act’s high–risk pool program, which was originally set to close at the end of 2013.

BadgerCare Plus Breaking News:
It was reported by the AP, Wisconsin's Department of Health Services is reporting that anyone losing BadgerCare Plus or HIRSP has until March 31 to sign up for Marketplace coverage to be eligible for April 1 coverage with no gap. (The Marketplace generally requires folks to enroll by March 15 for April 1 coverage.) DHS spokesperson Claire Smith is quoted as saying that as long as someone losing BadgerCare Plus or HIRSP enrolls and pays a premium by March 31, they will be eligible for coverage beginning April 1. We are waiting on confirmation from the Department on this news, and on how it is being communicated to members.

Video Case Tip: Exemptions in the Marketplace - Affordability
What if you simply can't afford the insurance you see in the Marketplace? In this Video Case Tip, ABC for Health's Brynne McBride looks at the Affordability Exemption requirements to see who may be able to prevent a penalty from being assessed. Keep some of the links and resources handy when working with Wisconsin families!

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Share Your BadgerCare, Medicaid, or Marketplace Story!
Are you one of the more than 90,000 parents who will lose BadgerCare Plus coverage in 2014?
Are you under 100% FPL and moving to BadgerCare--but not til April 1??
Are you a mother or father just making ends meet who's concerned about the new changes to BadgerCare coverage?
Are you not sure WHERE TO GO for help?
Tell us your health care and coverage story! As the open enrollment period in the new Marketplace comes to a close, the health care landscape in Wisconsin is changing. If you or a loved one will be changing insurance, losing BadgerCare Plus or going to the Marketplace to purchase insurance for the first time, we’d like to hear your story! There are many ways to contact us:

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