Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Rep. Pasch Statement on Audit of State Health Programs
MADISONState Representative Sandy Pasch (D – Whitefish Bay ) released the following statement regarding the release of a Legislative Audit Bureau (LAB) evaluation of our state’s vital Medical Assistance programs:
“It is clear that we must critically examine options to make our state's Medical Assistance programs more efficient and cost-effective. The LAB audit provides a deliberative analysis and thoughtful range of potential changes to address financial pressures on these important programs. 
“Unfortunately, instead of considering these weighty decisions in an inclusive, accountable and evidence-based manner that allowed for ample public input and legislative oversight, the Walker administration rushed through a misguided and ideologically-driven plan that will punish tens of thousands of the neediest and youngest Wisconsinites. 
“Especially in light of LAB’s findings – as well as the federal government’s announcement that they likely will not be able to meet the Walker administration’s self-imposed deadline to consider their far-reaching proposal – we urge his administration to slow down and work with federal and state officials in order to achieve savings in our important Medicaid and BadgerCare programs without seriously risking the health of our most vulnerable for years to come.”

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