Wednesday, December 28, 2011

                Audit Debunks Myth of Widespread Fraud in Medicaid
Statement by Rep. Richards on today’s report by non-partisan audit agency

MADISON—Today the non-partisan Legislative Audit Bureau released a comprehensive audit of Wisconsin’s Medical Assistance program.  In response, Rep. Jon Richards (D-Milwaukee), a member of the Legislative Joint Audit Committee who voted for the audit last January, issued the following statement:

“Today’s report debunks the myth long perpetuated by some lawmakers that widespread fraud exists in the state’s health care programs or that people are moving to Wisconsin solely to obtain Medicaid benefits. 

“The audit offers some responsible ideas on how Medicaid can be made more cost-effective without hurting people.

“Exploring managed care models, less reliance on outside contractors and other administrative efficiencies are much more compassionate options than dropping health care for 29,000 children, as Governor Walker has proposed.

“Medicaid remains the only health care option for tens of thousands of Wisconsin parents, children, seniors and people with disabilities.  Without access to these vital health programs, many people will go without screenings or treatment for diabetes, cancer or high blood pressure.

“The audit gives Governor Walker another opportunity to reconsider his irresponsible plan to drop health care for Wisconsin families and children.  I encourage his administration to work together with the legislature and the Obama Administration to implement responsible reforms that make the state’s health care system sustainable while also keeping people insured.”

Rep. Jon Richards (608) 266-0650  

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