Thursday, July 7, 2011

Van Jones And The American Dream Movement

Look what we started! I have been hearing some of Van Jones comments about this movement, he makes sense and reflects what the American people have been saying about taxes and the deficit. I appreciated this comment about Republicans and collective bargaining: "If a foreign power conspired to inflict this much damage on America's first responders and essential infrastructure, we would see it as an act of war.
And if a foreign dictator unilaterally announced that his nation's workers no longer had a seat at the bargaining table in their own country, the U.S. establishment would rightfully go bananas.
If Republicans would oppose that kind of thuggery abroad, how can they champion it here at home? How can they accept for the American people what they would denounce for the people of any other nation on Earth?"

His comment about a tight family budget is, "if the budget is tight we don't starve Grandma, junior goes out and gets a paper route". So simple yet so true! It will be interesting to see how many people join this movement and if it will have an impact for the good.

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