Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dependent Coverage in Wisconsin: 26 or 27?
Even as the Affordable Care Act was being unveiled, Wisconsin was ahead of the curve in terms of dependent coverage, allowing adult children on health plans governed by state law to remain on their parents' health insurance up to age 27. Recently, a bill was circulated in the Wisconsin legislature to repeal dependent coverage and adopt, instead, federal law to exclude from an employee’s income payments certain payments from an employer related to medical care. Essentially, the bill would scale back the insurance mandate and permit dependent coverage only to age 26. At the same time, language was inserted into the state budget bill (tucked into the General Fund Tax Omnibus) to do the same. The budget bill was signed by Governor Walker on June 26, and so the rollback of dependent coverage became law. Please note: while the budget changed the rule on dependent coverage, this particular change will not be effective until January 1, 201

LogistiCare Could Be A Real Problem
Reports are still coming in that LogistiCare's administration of non-emergency medical transportation in Wisconsin is having a serious issues. In just two weeks since the start of its contracted services, HealthWatch has heard reports of people being denied rides to appointments that should be covered, kids not being able to go with their parents to appointments, and urgent care appointments being mishandled. As stories continue to pour in, HealthWatch Wisconsin will be tracking this important issue.
If you've been personally affected by dealings with LogistiCare and would like to share your story, positive or negative, please contact HealthWatch staff.
For more information on LogistiCare and the status of their contract, be sure to check out Shawn Doherty's July 10 Vital Signs Blog and July 6 Vital Signs Blog.

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