Monday, July 11, 2011

Questions For DHS Secretary Smith

The following list of questions have been drafted based on your input so far.  If you have additional questions, concerns or myths you'd like brought forth to DHS Secretary Smith, please send an email to by noon on Monday, July 11th.  Thank you. Sara 
1)      What changes do you plan to make to BadgerCare+ eligibility and benefits?

a.       Will BadgerCare+ premiums be increased?

b.      Will the scope of benefits for BadgerCare+ enrollees be

c.       Will BadgerCare+ enrollees have higher prescription costs?

d.      Will BadgerCare+ enrollees still be able to see specialists?

e.       How will changes to BadgerCare+ specifically affect children?

f.       Will and if so, what changes will be made to FPL eligibility levels?
2)      If there are changes to BadgerCare+ eligibility and an individual no longer qualifies, what other health care coverage and access options will there be?

3)      Will changes to BadgerCare+ be indicative to changes to other benefits such as FoodShare?

4)      What are future plans for the BadgerCare+ Core Plan? With the waiting list?  How soon and in what way will individuals be notified of changes?

5)      Are there anticipated changes to the BadgerCare dental plan?
6)      If plans to change BadgerCare+ are unknown at this time, is there a timeline in which we can expect to learn of changes?

7)      Will and how will DHS to keep patients and providers abreast of changes being made?
8)      What will the State Health Insurance Exchanges look like? How and will it integrate with the current BadgerCare+ program? Are you planning to move people from the BadgerCare+ Core Plan and its waiting list into the exchanges at any point?

9)      What is the process of developing the State Health Insurance Exchange and how can consumers, advocates and providers contribute ideas and concerns?

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