Sunday, December 16, 2012

Raising the Status of Wisconsin Women's Health
Wisconsin's women's health policy leader
Thank you & Happy Holidays from the Wisconsin Alliance for Women's Health!

difference {dif-er-uhns, dif-ruhns] n. A Significant change in or effecton a situation.  The Wisconsin Alliance for Women's Health recognizes the incredible difference you've made in helping to raise the status of Wisconsin women's health.  Synonyms: change, impact, distinction.

As the year draws to a close, we want to thank you for your support of the Wisconsin Alliance for Women's Health (WAWH) in 2012.  We are extremely grateful for your support and efforts to ensure Wisconsin women at every age and every stage of life have access to the comprehensive health care services and information they need and deserve.
We worked extremely hard this year traking and addressing the many legislative policies that impact women's health and well-being.  Thanks to your time, dedication and incredible effots, you've helped to raise the voice of women's health supporters that so desparately need to be heard in these tough political times.
While it was a challenging year, we would like to share our Top 10 efforts and projects from the past year:
  1. Raising Wisconsin Women's Voices Campaign
  2. Wisconsin Adolescent Health Care Communication Program
  3. Ask. Learn. Vote! Campaing
  4. Wisconsin Women's Health Policy Summit
  5. Health Professionals for Reproductive Care
  6. Wisconsin Women Win with Health Care Reform Outreach
  7. State Budget Impact on Wisconsin Women & Girls Report
  8. Wisconsin Healthiest Women Inititaive
  9. Reproductive Justice Roundtable
  10. Save BadgerCare Coalition
We expect the new year to bring us many new challenges but many new opportunities to re-dedicate ourselves to advocating for women's health.  To help us continue to bring you women's health policy updates along with connections to resources and opportunities to take action, please consider these three easy ways to help support the Wisconsin Alliance for Women's Health.
  1. Join us on Facebook 
  2. Make a tax deductible donation
  3. Use GoodSearch & GoodShop this holiday season 
 Thank you and Happy Holidays!

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