Wednesday, June 20, 2012

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Protect Contraception as Prevention
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Speak Up & Submit Comments to the Obama Administration - All Women Need Access to Contraception without Co-pays
The Wisconsin Alliance for Women's Health has celebrated recommendations that contraception, yearly well-woman visits, support for breast feeding, counseling for sexually transmitted infections, and screening and counseling for domestic violence, among others, are essential women's preventive health services and therefore health insurers should be required to cover them at no cost to women.   

The Obama Administration is currently collecting comments on its proposal to "accommodate" religiously-affiliated organizations that object to covering contraceptive services without cost-sharing, as required under the federal health care law.  

Your voice is vital to make it clear to the Administration that women who are subject to the accommodation should have the same seamless access to no-cost contraception as those who are not.  Please make your voice heard!  Comments are due on June 19th.  The following is a sample message you can included when submitting your comments:

Subject: ANPRM: Certain Preventive Services Under the Affordable Care Act, CMS-9968-ANPRM, Docket ID: CMS-2012-0031

If the Departments move forward with the accommodation, it must be structured in a seamless way that does not unfairly disadvantage those individuals subject to it or harm their health. 

The definition of who qualifies for the accommodation must be limited and should not extend to for-profit employers.  In no way should the existing religious employer exemption be expanded.   The accommodation must be automatic, seamless, without charge, and accompanied by clear notice and critical protections like continuation coverage. 

I am fortunate to live in a state that already has a requirement ensuring that women are provided with contraceptive coverage, with no exceptions for religious employers.  It has made a difference in my life and the lives of women and families across the state.  I strongly support the Departments' statement that law's like Wisconsin's will continue.  Women in our state should not lose access to benefits they currently have.

In order to fulfill the promise of the preventive services provision of the health care law, women who are subject to the accommodation must have access to no-cost contraceptive coverage to the same extent as those who are not.


To send a message and to submit your comments, link here.  Click on the "Comment Now" button on the upper right.  Feel free to use the text above in your message to the Administration.  

Be sure to also mobilize your friends and neighbors to speak out on this issue by forwarding this message on and by posting it to Facebook and/or Twitter. 

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