Monday, June 4, 2012

Tomorrow Tuesday, June 5th: Statewide Recall Election -  Make Your Vote Count!

For this election you will not need a photo ID, but it is still important for you to be prepared to vote. Voting is one of the most important ways that a BadgerCare advocate can make a difference.

Polls open at 7am tomorrow and are open until 8am. To find your polling place link to

Residency: Citizens can still register at the polls, however they must be residents of a municipality for 28 consecutive days to register as a voter from that address. Those who are not registered must provide acceptable proof of residence to register, such as a utility or other bill. If you have moved within 28 days of Election Day you can still vote at your former place of residence.

Photo ID and Signatures: 
Although you do not need a photo ID for this election, you will be asked to sign the poll book. You can use a stamp or mark if necessary. If you are unable to sign due to a physical disability, you can request an exemption.

For more information, visit  

If you experience any problems at the polls, call 1-866-OUR VOTE (1-866-687-8683) immediately to report what happened and protect the vote.    
Thank you!
Thank you for supporting BadgerCare and Medicaid.  Be sure to forward this email to others letting them know that MEDICAID MATTERS!  For more information and to join the Save BadgerCare Coalition, visit:

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