Friday, April 6, 2012

WAWH Supporter E-Update
Governor Walker Signs Four
Anti-Women's Health Bills into Law

The Wisconsin Alliance forWomen's Health (WAWH) is expressing extreme disappointment that without full public knowledge, Governor Walker actively signed four bills into law that undermine Wisconsin women's health, safety and economic security yesterday.

SB 306 / Wisconsin Act 217 Legislation that is unnecessary and that interferes with patient-doctor relationship and that was widely opposed by the medical community.

SB 237 / Wisconsin Act 216 Legislation that would repeal Wisconsin's Healthy Youth Act and that would allow schools to deny medically accurate, evidence based human growth and  development education to our young people.

SB 92 / Wisconsin Act 218:  Unnecessary legislation that further restricts the accessibility of  abortion coverage in a state exchange, where the use of public funding for abortion coverage is already sharply restricted under the Affordable Care Act. This bill  would restrict the use of women's own private premium dollars to purchase the health coverage they need.

SB 202 / Wisconsin  Act 219  Repeals Wisconsin Pay Equity Enforcement Law and ends accountability for such pernicious discrimination and grants employers the liberty to deny  women to receive the same salary as men.

"Governor Walker and the majority in our State Legislature understand just how unpopular these bills against women's health are," said Sara Finger, WAWH Executive Director. "It's not surprising that Walker privately signed these bills into law and hid news of their enactments from public view."

Just this week, Governor Walker very publicly signed other bills into law in such venues as Lambeau Field.  Yet important bills that undermine a woman's ability to achieve her optimal health, well-being and economic security were signed into law with no media present.

"We are committed to shedding light on the actions of our legislative leaders this past session and to ensuring voters are educated when going to the polling booths this year," added Finger.  "Women deserve to know how their elected leaders are failing to represent them and their health needs. 

Stay tuned this Spring for the 2012 Wisconsin Women's Health Supporter Voter Guide to be released.

Thank you for continuing to support Wisconsin Women's Health.

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