Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Supreme Court Hears Health Reform Arguments

Opinion Anticipated in June

Last week, the United States Supreme Court heard a historic series of oral arguments about aspects of the Affordable Care Act, the longest such arguments since the Civil Rights movement. The first day of hearings proved exciting mostly for tax law buffs, but on Tuesday, March 27, the Supreme Court heard arguments on one of the Affordable Care Act's most controversial, and essential, components: the Individual Mandate. The stakes for these proceedings are undeniably high; while the Supreme Court is expected to release their decision in June, the rest of the country will wait with bated breath, some states cautiously moving forward with health reform implementation and others, like Wisconsin, stopped dead on most elements of health reform, including exchanges. HealthWatch Wisconsin discussed the issues on the table both nationally and for our state in a recent episode of the WatchDog -- the latter summed up quite aptly in a commentary called "Health Care De-Form in Wisconsin."
CLICK HERE for more analysis of the Supreme Court's review of the Affordable Care Act! 

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