Thursday, March 22, 2012

Two Years Ago The Affordable Care Act Was Signed

I watched the signing of the Affordable Care Act into law and I had my son watch it with me, it was history in the making and yes, Biden had it right .. it was a big f'ing deal! Watching this hit me hard because I was two months into my recovery after major surgery and all I could think was... now mothers and fathers will not have to die due to a lack of health care, they have a chance to survive for their childrens sake. And those with pre existing like me can no longer be denied insurance. Finally people had a fighting chance against the insurance companies that gladly take your money then deny you the benefits you have paid for. I looked around the internet for articles about the ACA and found a few that I thought were interesting they are posted below. The Supreme Court will begin listening to arguments on Monday, I truly hope they rule in favor, but I'm also realistic, there are more justices opposed...than for this law. Most people see the cost involved, I see it as lives saved and improved.

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