Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tell Your BadgerCare or Medicaid Story
At the 5th Annual HealthWatch Wisconsin Conference, attendees heard Rep. Roys, Rep. Mason, Rep. Hulsey, and Rep. Richards encourage the state, legislature, and governor to do more listening. They encouraged the people of Wisconsin to share their voices, be involved in the process, and tell lawmakers why BadgerCare and Medicaid are important. Now's your time to RAISE YOUR VOICES!
  • Are you one of the nearly 125,000 childless adults stuck on the Core Plan Wait List?
  • Are you a mother or father just making ends meet who's concerned about the effects of the proposed Alternative Benchmark Plan on your child's BadgerCare coverage?
  • Do you worry about the possibility of losing access to Family Planning Only Services?
  • Do you have another health care issue that needs to be brought to attention of DHS officials and policymakers?
CLICK HERE to complete a story form and email it to ABC for Health or call and talk to one of our advocates (608) 261-6939 ext. 229 and let them know you are calling to tell your BadgerCare story!

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