Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What Your Taxes Pay For

I Think This Was A Brilliant Idea! 

The White House posted this on their official website:


It's the federal taxpayer receipt, it explains how your tax dollars are being spent. You answer a few questions and it will calculate what your taxes payed for by percentage. The information is easy to read and answers basic tax questions. It's worth a look. Here is the link for the White House website: http://www.whitehouse.gov/
It's also worth your time to go over the information on the website. I started to poke around in the health care and disability section. I'll have to back and take a closer look, I'm kinda tired today, I'll need to be more alert in order to comprehend what I am reading.

Same Old Line

How many times have you heard people say ' I don't want my taxes to pay for someones........? We all pay taxes one way or another and some more than others, either way we all end up helping each other, once again, some more than others. I know very little about how taxes work but they do play a vital role in our lives. After a natural disaster government agencies provide security and basic necessities. Taxes pay for roads and bridges, and many things we take for granted as well as many things we seem to despise. As the saying goes.... it's a necessary evil. If you could personally chose what the Government spent your tax money on, what would it be?

Feeling More Confident

As I peruse the internet looking for information about this battle, I am becoming more confident that this is an issue that the general population is willing to fight for. The spirit of compassion is alive and well. People are beginning to take notice because the decisions being presented and being made have life and death consequences. I see a growing number of people with the authority to make such decisions taking a stand for the people that cannot stand up for themselves. The ground support for health care started off as a whisper, it's now a growing roar, it will reach a crescendo in the next election.

This country is always there for other countries when they are in need and yet when it comes to our own, we turn on each other and call our neighbors lazy, slobs or deadbeats. I am unable to understand this line of reasoning, maybe someone could explain it to me.

Thank you for your time today


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