Friday, June 14, 2013

Raising the Status of Wisconsin Women's Health
An update from Wisconsin's women's health policy leader
Sad Day for Women's Health: Senate Passes SB 206 and Votes to Restrict Access to Women's Health Care

Just now, our State Republican Senators passed a bill which requires women seeking an abortion to receive a physically invasive and medically unnecessary ultrasound AND which will force abortion clinics to close by putting extreme restrictions on providers. 
Thank you to the thousands of you who spoke out to try and stop this bill. Sadly, the super majority in our state legislature refuses to listen to the medical community, refuses to listen to women and refuses to listen to the voters who prefer politicians focus on job creation, our children's education, and our health care security rather than mandatory ultrasounds.

This bill was steam rolled through the Senate and is expected to pass the Assembly within the next week.  And Governor Walker is expected to enthusiastically sign this bill knowingly restricting access to women's comprehensive health care in this state. 

Now it's a matter of raising awareness and holding our legislators accountable!

Take Action Today & Continue to Speak Out for Women's Health!

  1. Find out how your State Senator voted on SB 206
  2. Send a message to your State Senator - Use our online tool to send a message directly to your State Senator to thank them or share your opinion with them. You can also call their offices to share your reaction using the numbers listed below.  
  3. Raise Awareness!  Connect with us on Facebook and help us inform others of what's happening until our Capitol dome.  

State Senator Phone Numbers
(D-3) CARPENTER, Tim 266-8535 109
(R-2) COWLES,Robert 266-0484
(D-15)CULLEN, Timothy F. 266-2253
(R-8) DARLING,Alberta 266-5830
 (R-19) ELLIS,MichaelG. 266-0718
(D-27) ERPENBACH,JonB. 266-6670
(R-33) FARROW,Paul 266-9174
(R-13) FITZGERALD, Scott L. 266-5660
 (R-20)GROTHMAN,Glenn 266-7513
(R-18)GUDEX,Rick 266-5300
(D-30)HANSEN,Dave 266-5670
(D-6) HARRIS,Nikiya 266-2500
(R-10)HARSDORF, Sheila 266-7745
(D-25)JAUCH,Bob 266-3510
(R-11)KEDZIE,Neal 266-2635
(D-7) LARSON,Chris 266-7505
 (R-1) LASEE, FrankG. 266-3512
(D-24) LASSA,Julie 266-3123
(R-28) LAZICH,Mary 266-5400
(D-21) LEHMAN,JohnW. 266-1832
(R-9) LEIBHAM,Joseph 266-2056
(D-16)MILLER,Mark 266-9170
(R-23)MOULTON, Terry 266-7511
(R-14)OLSEN, Luther 266-0751
(R-29)PETROWSKI,Jerry 266-2502
(D-26)RISSER, FredA. 266-1627
(R-17) SCHULTZ,DaleW. 266-0703
(D-32) SHILLING,Jennifer 266-5490
(D-4) TAYLOR, LenaC. 266-5810
(R-12) TIFFANY, Tom 266-2509
(D-31)VINEHOUT,Kathleen 266-8546
(R-5) VUKMIR, Leah 266-2512
(D-22)WIRCH,Robert 267-8979 

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