Tuesday, May 7, 2013

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Resurrected BadgerCare Changes Could Cause 29,000 Children to Lose Coverage
Two years ago, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services attempted to make a number of changes to BadgerCare that would have caused at least 29,000 children to lose their coverage, and many more to lose some of their benefits. Federal law prevented those changes from being enacted, but now many of those same proposed changes have been resurrected as part of Gov. Walker’s proposed 2013-15 state budget.

The presence of these proposed changes in the budget has largely gone unnoticed, to the chagrin of health care advocates. The Wisconsin Council on Children and Families (WCCF) today published an issue brief that examines the proposed changes and their potential impact in detail. David Wahlberg covered the issue in a front page article in the Wisconsin State Journal this morning.

Wisconsin legislators should remove these harmful program changes from the budget bill and have a full discussion of potential changes to children’s coverage at a time when changes are actually possible, and after the state has completed its evaluation of the effects of somewhat similar changes for parent coverage that were put into place in July 2012. Read more about WCCF's take in our press release.

Read our full analysis of the potential changes and impacts here.

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