Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Media Reports on Walker BadgerCare Plans Disturbing

Milwaukee: According to media reports by Associated Press and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Governor Scott Walker will announce his decision Wednesday on whether to take billions of federal dollars to fill the holes in BadgerCare.  The information was initially leaked to conservative blogger Christian Schneider, who works for the right-wing Wisconsin Policy Research Institute.   The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and Christian Schneider also say that Governor Walker will turn down the full Medicaid expansion, and pursue a “middle path.”

Robert Kraig, Executive Director of Citizen Action of Wisconsin, made the following statement in response to these media reports:

“We know of no credible middle path that would result in guaranteeing coverage to low income Wisconsinites who currently fall between the cracks in the BadgerCare program. As far as we know, taking the new health care reform money for BadgerCare really is an all or nothing proposition, and has been treated as such by all credible health care experts across the country and the six conservative Governors who have already accepted the money.  Based on the fragmentary media reports we have seen, we are very concerned that spokespersons for the Governor are trying to pre-spin a decision that would that would have devastating consequences for the healthcare freedom and security of over 100,000 Wisconsinites.  We profoundly hope that these press reports turn out to be inaccurate.  If Governor Walker turns down billions in federal money for BadgerCare, there is no doubt that many Wisconsinites will die as a consequence.”

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