Monday, October 15, 2012

The Core Plan Wait List
As of Sept. 20, 2012. Have you heard a new number? Give us a call: 608-261-6939 ext 204!
As of September 20th, the Core Plan Wait List has now surpassed 145,000. That means that in just three weeks the wait list has added over 6,000 adults--that's 6,000 more uninsured adults who still need access to affordable health care and coverage!  (In our August 31st Update newsletter, we recorded the Wait List at just under 139,000 people.)
HealthWatch maintains that the Department of Health Services should properly screen applicants and help identify coverage options for these people, including, but not limited to, Elderly, Blind and Disabled Medicaid, Medicaid Assistance Purchase Plan, HIRSP, or SSI/SSDI.

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