Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Where Are Their Souls?

I refuse to watch the Republican debates, I opt to read the summaries the next day. What caught my attention was the cheering from the crowd over the death penalty and the hypothetical illness of someone that is uninsured. You can't help but wonder.... where are their souls? What makes this group of people so heartless? Let's review what they have done to this country since their big win last year.

They campaigned on jobs, jobs, jobs, less government and spending cuts. The first thing they did was attack union workers and slash funding to schools and health care, while giving tax breaks to corporations. Took away local government in Michigan, attacked planned parenthood and other vital health care services, rewrote districts to their advantage, made it near impossible to sue business for negligence, made it more difficult to vote, attacked the EPA and DNR, and anybody that does not agree with them. Threatening Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Making their constituents pay to meet with them. Forcing recalls and playing every dirty game in the book to win. They continue to hold the U.S hostage from the near government shut down to the debt ceiling and the continuation of not moving a jobs bill through congress. Am I forgetting anything? If I am you get the message anyway, this is beyond disgusting.

Time and again the people have spoken and they have said enough is enough, the people want have said what action they want taken and yet they refuse to listen and act on it. The President was right when he said we don't have 14 months to wait to correct this problem at the ballot box. It makes me wonder if the Republicans know how far they can obstruct the President and the country before the damage is beyond repair. Is their plan to win the presidency by hook or by crook? It would seem that way.

These Tea Party Republicans rack up more wins, they would create a world that would be unrecognizable, and not in a good way. What is their manefesto? What is their ultimate goal, maybe I'll do some connecting of the dots and let you know what I find. I can tell you this, I don't like what I see, it's become good .vs. evil.

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