Friday, August 12, 2011


Watching the wrangling in Washington and in WI, has really shown the world where people stand on 'entitlements.' On one hand you have a growing part of the population that has suffered a major blow, not only are they aging, they have lost massive amounts of money in 401k's, if they still have a job, they are under employed, many are unemployed, health issues are creeping in and cost of living is skyrocketing. The social safety nets are needed now more than ever and here in WI the Walker Admin. is doing everything they can to get rid of them.

Then we have the other group, those that expect and demand corporate welfare. They have no problem accepting taxpayer money for subsidies and tax exemptions. They have been able to whittle their taxes down to little or nothing. Why is this? Because they have been elevated to the stature of 'job creators' sounds god like doesn't it? And as we all know, you have to appease the 'gods' lest they get angry and wreak havoc on us mere mortals! This was on display for the world to see during the debt ceiling debate and they showed they where willing to take the entire world down to avoid losing their precious tax breaks. And they kept flipping it, they insist that it's the aforementioned groups fault, that group is the problem, not them. When threatened with a lose of their 'entitlements' they become down right vicious and they sent their high priced lawyers and lobbyists out to make sure they hold onto those entitlements. The other group doesn't have that luxury, they don't have anyone to defend them in that manner. And yet they continue to claim that people like me are lazy and feeding off the system, I wholeheartedly DISAGREE! I am trying to survive not only a rare disease, but I am trying to survive these horrible politicians and special interest groups!

As I see it those that insist and demand on getting all the breaks and not pulling their weight to help solve the problems don't deserve a helping hand or even a voice. And yes, I am also talking about those that milk off the assistance programs. All of us need to take responsibility for our lives and while the deck is heavily stacked against the poor, elderly and disabled, we are capable of taking control of our lives. In fact, the disadvantaged can be more creative in problem solving than those that get everything handed to them. We have become adept at making adjustments, pooling resources and using our God given talents to make ends meet.

If you are disabled, their are programs out their that will help in re-education and job training, in WI it's called the DVR. (This is one program Walker actually put money into.) Even if you don't participate in such a program, locate your local social workers, they have access to all programs available to help. Thankfully I have a wonderful family that has stepped into help when needed. Never take family for granted, they can be a great source of encouragement and a shoulder to lean on when things are bad. This is something I think the other group doesn't understand or appreciate, time and again we have seen the wealthy and powerful rise and when things go bad, their friends and family abandon them. If you have developed strong family bonds, they are there through the good, the bad and the ugly. I guess what I am saying is... stay close to your family, and seek the help of a social worker. Find as many resources as possible to help yourself. Despite what the other side says we are not the problem, we are still valuable and have something to offer, we may be slightly damaged physically but at least we are not morally bankrupt!

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